Cherry Creek Watershed

Macroinvertebrates (Bugs)

Four sites on Cherry Creek were sampled June 1, 2000. A total of 48 taxa were identified from the 100+ subsamples. The Creek differed from higher gradient, less alkaline Pocono area streams in having a good representation of burrowing mayflies present.

The study concluded that excellent water quality exists at the headwaters area station (near the hatchery); considerable decline is noted in water quality at site 2 (the church), water quality significantly improved at site 3 (near Route 191) to near that found at the headwaters area, and significantly declined at the easterly site in Delaware Water Gap. Reasons for the variations in water quality were not clear; some anthropogenic and some natural causes are suspected.

All stations have optimal water quality based on the presence of the mayfly as the dominant species. Caddisflies were well represented at all stations, and a few stoneflies, beetles and true flies made up most of the remainder of the samples. A Full report available as a .PDF File.

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