Cherry Creek Watershed

A Sub-Association of the Brodhead Watershed Association

The Cherry Creek Watershed, located in southern Monroe County and just north of the Northampton County line along the ridge of the Kittatinny Mountain, is now a Sub-Association of the Brodhead Watershed Association. Rather than create a separate entity to provide water monitoring and stewardship activities in this watershed, The Brodhead Watershed Association received funding via the first round of Pennsylvania's Growing Greener grants to begin this important work in the Valley. The goal here is identical to that established for the Brodhead Watershed: protecting and improving water quality and the environment.

The Sub-Association functionally operates as two distinct teams to conduct monthly water quality monitoring throughout the Valley. Additionally, leadership is being developed to help assist municipalities, residents, businesses and groups with protecting natural resources through education, public programs, stream monitoring and baseline data collection and stream cleanups.

The watershed monitoring program began in summer, 2001. A group of nearly 50 people, young and older, met in the Spring of 2001 at the Christ Hamilton Lutheran Church to receive initial training in stream monitoring activities. Taking a watershed approach brings together the environmental, economic, political, and social factors embedded in resource protection. Coalition building cements the success of the program.

The Cherry Creek watershed includes the Cherry Creek, Mountain Run and a number of unnamed runs that drain north from the Kittatinny Ridge and south from Godfrey's Ridge as well as several unnamed tributaries that drain south from Godfrey’s Ridge to the Valley floor. The watershed covers 30.5 square miles and includes parts of 4 municipalities: Hamilton Township, Stroud Township, Smithfield Township and the Borough of Delaware Water Gap. The creek flows to the Delaware River at a site through Delaware Water Gap.

The Cherry Creek teams are a part of the larger Brodhead Watershed Association and serve as grassroots volunteers. Financial support comes entirely from membership dues, both individual and corporate. Grants are sought to conduct special projects and activities that benefit the watershed community.

Cherry Creek Sub-Association of the Brodhead Watershed Association
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The strategy being followed for the Cherry Creek effort is to protect the environment and water quality within the watershed by way of education to enhance public understanding of water issues, data collection, community activism, and legislative review.

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