Cherry Creek Watershed

Cherry Creek River Conservation Plan

The Cherry Creek River Conservation Plan was developed under a grant from the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).  The Plan was completed in 2004 and submitted to, and approved by, DCNR.  Municipal resolutions support-ing the Plan were then sought and received from the four municipalities that include Cherry Valley:  the borough of Delaware Water Gap and Hamilton, Smithfield  and Stroud townships.  Cherry Creek is now eligible for inclusion on the PA Rivers Registry.

The Plan can be viewed, or downloaded, as a pdf file.

Conservation Plan


Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Project Area

Chapter 2 Land Resources

Chapter 3 Water Resources

Chapter 4 Biological Resources

Chapter 5 Cultural Resources

Chapter 6 Issues and Opportunities

Chapter 7 Action Plan    



Watershed Map

Straight Line Resources Diagram

General Land Use

Existing Zoning


Bedrock Geology

Septic Limitations

Wastewater Suitability

Protected Lands

Mean Impervious Cover

Stream Order

Stream Designation

Wetlands and Floodplains

Pollution Vulnerability

Sensitive Lands

Recreation/ Open Space Lands


Historic And Cultural Resources

Special Places

Streamwalk Point Data

Streamwalk Linear Data



A - Stream Analysis

A - site list

B - macronivertebrates

C - monitoring teams

D - fish

E - PNDI Species

E - PNDI Ranking

F - Fact Sheet

F - Survey responses

G - Cherry matrix

H - Friends of Cherry Valley

I -  List of programs and projects

J - Newspaper

K - Key person interviews

L - funding


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