Cherry Creek Watershed

John McDowell's daughter, Hannah, married John Shaw, a Yankee who once sought shelter at the McDowell home. The farm was passed to their son, Peter Shaw, who built this farmhouse in 1824 on Kemmertown Road at about mid-valley. The property had been in his mother's family since 1748 and remained with his descendents (daughter Sally married to Jacob Featherman) until 1924, a period of 175 years. It had been the home of Elizabeth McDowell who became the wife of Jacob Stroud, founder of Stroudsburg. Floyd Gibbons, a famed war correspondent and journalist distinguished by a trademark black eye patch, owned the property from 1937 to 1939, a few days after what would have been his 10th war to serve as a journalist. The Elmer Christine's have owned the property since 1964. The adjacent barn was built in 1795.

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