Water Wiser Kids at Ice Lake

10:30 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 21


When you’re a frog, you can’t bundle up for winter. When you’re a tree, you can’t stay warm by the fireplace. In this special event, kids and their grownups will learn how the natural world changes to survive a cold Pocono winter. Click here for information.





A hike through the Big Woods

10 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 22


An easy 2.25-mile hike through Big Woods Natural Area. Find out more about this beautiful place preserved by Chestnuthill Township. Click here for information.









New newsletter!

Meet our new board members, and read about how Paradise Township is blazing new trails. See the autumn edition of Streamlines here.





Board member Doug Swift talks about keeping the Brodhead clean


Doug Swift, president of the Brodhead Fish and Stream Association and a BWA board member, talks about his connection to the land and the importance of conservation in this video from the Open Space Institute. Click here to see the video.



$50,000 donation toward new nature center


An anonymous donor has pledged $50,000 to help create the Brodhead Creek Heritage Center in Stroud Township ... IF matching donations are given by the community! Learn more about the proposed center on ForEvergreen Nature Preserve by clicking here.





Creating a new park in Stroudsburg


Learn more about the Urban Nature Space project – and how you can help create a new park in downtown Stroudsburg!  – by clicking here.


Plan for Clean Water

Read about BWA's latest environmental effort: creating maps to help municipalities decide where to spend their land/water preservation dollars. This project is funded by a grant from the Open Space Institute. Read more about it here.



Environmental Alerts!

BWA has a new way for you to learn about important environmental issues in the news. See our new

BWA Environmental Alerts page here.


The page includes a column by Paula Heeschen, former Pocono Record editorial page editor, reporting on the Monroe County Conservation District's monthly board meetings.





Got clean water? Wear it!


Show your pride in BWA and the Pocono area's high-quality watershed. Shirts and hoodies in men's and women's styles, with multiple colors available. Minimal profits go to BWA's programs! Click here to see the selection.


We also have Lands End shirts embroidered with the BWA logo available online. You can place your custom order here.




Before you put sealcoat on your driveway...

Coal-tar-based sealcoat contains carcinogens. As the sealcoat breaks down, particles are tracked into homes and wash into the watershed. Before you buy a sealcoat, read the label: You'll want a coal-tar-free formulation. For more information, click here.




Tied up in knotweed?

Have you seen this plant (right) on your property?


If so, your home has been invaded. This is Japanese knotweed, a non-native plant that spreads far too quickly in the Poconos. This invasive chokes out native plants and upsets the environmental balance.


For a printable brochure with tips on how to identify and eradicate Japanese knotweed, click here.


For a printable chart of common Pocono invasives and alternative plant options, click here.





                  Read more about native plants, their value, and the problem of invasive plants HERE






BWA has two new Adopt-a-Stream sponsors – Desaki Restaurant of Swiftwater and Strauser Nature's Helpers of East Stroudsburg.

For more information on these generous donors and the Adopt-a-Stream program, click here.



Get Outdoors
Poconos program


Help create the Brodhead Creek Heritage Center!

Click here for details.


Rain Gardens Blooming in Lower Brodhead Watershed


Where is your Watershed?

watershed map

Your "Watershed Address" describes where a raindrop that falls on the roof of your home will travel, from the smallest springlet in your backyard to a headwaters tributary, and on to larger and larger streams until finally reaching the Delaware River and eventually the Atlantic Ocean. FIND YOURS TODAY


Find the USGS Stream Gages in the Brodhead watershed



Learn where to call.

Who to Call!



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